Tsukino-Con is hosted in association with the Uvic Anime Club and supports the celebration of Japanese culture, anime fandom, and gaming. Like most community events, the event cannot run without you: the volunteer.

Volunteers are the wonderful souls who do all the little jobs that make the convention run smoothly, from registration to concession and take-down, and even to post clean up.

Perks of volunteering include free admission, free food and beverages on shift, exclusive backstage access, and experience or references for your resume.

All volunteers who are not 18 or older by the first day of the convention will be required to submit a parental consent form no later than two days before the start of the convention.  For ease of submission, a scanned version of the completed form may be uploaded at time of application.

Please read the Volunteer Package for everything you need to know about volunteer positions.

Download the Tsukino-Con Parental Consent form
Download the Tsukino-Con Volunteer Package

Volunteer Signup is now Closed!


Erik Jin (Volunteer Coordinator)
[email protected]