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Vikes Improv

Vikes Improv is an improvisational comedy performance group based out of the University of Victoria. Vikes consists of students from all departments and all years, including graduate students! There are currently 3 performance teams, 2 of which are coached, and one self-directed team.

Not Rocket Science: NRS is Vikes self-directed team. They’ve been together as an official team since September but have been improvising together for a couple years in some way or another. They enjoy playing grounded characters with a flare for the dramatic.

Competitive Christmas Lights: Competitive Christmas Lights is a brand new improv comedy troupe performing together since September 2016. They are comprised of six students all in different departments: writing, computer science, geography, theatre, anthropology, and English . This eclectic mix of background makes their improv fun and diverse, a true reflection of the UVic spirit.

The Pendleton Collective: If you know a congregation who only speak in emojis and measured love in laughs, you know the Pendleton Collective. Established in 2016 this fresh Vikes Improv team made strides in the art, from short form games to long form scenes. The Pendletons' are a dynamic combination of veteran and new improvisers alike.

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Curtis "Takahata" Arnott

Guess who’s back? Back again? Curtis is back, tell your friends!

For Saturday ONLY , we have a limited engagement with Tsukino-Con regular Takahata101 (Curtis). He is with us for at least one day this year, so make sure you come to join him for his panels or just see him walking around hi-fiving people.

Curtis Arnott, more commonly known as Takahata101 is a voice actor, editor and writer for TeamFourStar. He is one of the co-founders of TeamFourStar, along with one of the most well-known abridgers online.

Takahata has become a popular figure in the Abridging community as the most popular Dragon Ball Z Abridged Character Nappa, making a character most popular for saying “What does the scouter say about his power level?” into a lovable, hysterical character in his own right in TeamFourStar’s Dragon Ball Z abridged. Takahata101 with the help of the team created a parody of the song “Ghostbusters” by Ray Parker JR into the cult classic “Ghost Nappa” after the death of Nappa in episode 9-10.

During the Christmas season of 2009, the song “Killing in the Name Of” was added in the song collection as a joke. The next year, KaiserNeko, the series editor, collaborated with Takahata101 as he mentioned fans were not too happy with that song not being downloaded and featured the full version of the song with a downloadable feature like they did for Ghost Nappa.

Takahata101 is a skilled non profit voice actor in the abridging community. Takahata101 has been in a multitude of fandubs and is part of multiple fandubbing groups. Takahata101 has many projects to date as a popular Canadian voice actor.
In an April Fools video on LittleKuriboh’s channel CardGamesFTW, Takahata101 is referred to as a “voice whore”, although he has been referred to as that long before Kuriboh’s video.

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Ken Steacy

Ken Steacy2014 – 2017 Guest

KEN STEACY decided at age eleven to become a professional comic book writer/artist, a dream he realized in 1974. Since then, he has worked in the industry as author, artist, art director, editor, and publisher, chronicling the exploits of Spider-Man, Harry Potter, and the Star Wars gang, to name but a few. In addition to creating his own intellectual property, he has also collaborated with other writers, including Harlan Ellison, Isaac Asimov, and Douglas Coupland. The recipient of an Eisner and an Inkpot award, Ken was inducted into the Joe Shuster Awards Hall of Fame in 2009, a lifetime achievement award honouring Canadian comic book creators for their contributions to the industry. He currently teaches at Camosun College, Victoria in Comics & Graphic Novels, a program he co-created with his wife, author/illustrator Joan Steacy.

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Synaptic Chaos Theatre

Synaptic Chaos Theatre
2014 – 2016 Guests
Synaptic Chaos Theatre is an improv/comedy troupe, with a flair for all things geeky. They specialize in live improv and semi-scripted comedy shows such as “Doki-Doki Kyuu-Kyuu Challenge” and “Late Night Dub Fight”. Formed in 2010 and boasting decades of improv experience amongst its members, SCT regularly performs for large crowds at anime, gaming, and sci-fi conventions across North America.

SCT is always trying new things for the con experience and loves springing their experiments on an unsuspecting audience. Con-wide games, murder mysteries, jam sessions, acting workshops – they’ll pop up where you least expect them!

Please note some performance require ID, and you must be 18+


What Our Guests say

Opposite Cosplay posted.

Tsukino con is over, and all we can say is WOW!
This past weekend was an absolutely amazing experience for us.
It was our first time ever being Guests, as well as our first time ever doing panels, and truth be told we were really nervous.
But in the end everything turned out just fine, even better then fine! We had so much fun!
And we want to say thank you to all the people who made the weekend such a wonderful and fun experience!
Thank you sooooooo much to Greg the Guest Liaison for taking such good care of us and for driving us around.
Thank you so much to the other drivers, the unbelievably helpful guys doing the Tech for our panels, and all the wonderful Staff of Tsukino Con. We were so honored that you wanted us as guest, and we are so appreciative of how kind and welcoming to us you all were. You all did an outstanding job and put together a wonderful con.
Thank you so much to Curtis Arnott (Takahata 101) for hanging out, and getting Late night Denny’s with us! You had such funny stories, and kept us laughing the whole time.
Thank you so much to Jam Jar Productions for wanting to include us in your documentary, for putting up with our hectic/early morning schedule and for supplying us with many juice boxes and AirHeads!.
Thank you so much to all our amazing friends who spent time with us at the con, and helped us out with our Panels.
As well as thank you so much to all the new friends we made at the con! It was so good to see/meet you all, and to spend the con with you!!
And finally, Thank you so much to all you amazing Tsukino Con attendees who came to our panels, chatted with us in the halls, and just made us feel so welcome.You’re all so amazing, and we are so happy to have had the opportunity to meet you all!
Our weekend as Guests at Tsukino Con is one we will never forget.
Thank you! 🙂

Satsuki Yukino

Satsuki was a Guest for 2015

Satsuki YukinoSatsuki Yukino is a prominent figure in the Japanese voice acting industry, having voiced characters in over 150 anime series in her nearly twenty-five year career. Many of you will know her from:

Miho-Amakata-freeFree! (Miho Amakata)
Love Hina (Matsumi Otohime)
Inuyasha (Kagome Higurashi)
Trigun (Milly Thompson)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (Mion and Sion)
Full Metal Panic! (Kaname Chidori)
Bleach (Shihouin Youruichi)
Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (Sylia Stingray)

and many more we simply don’t have room to list. Please join in giving her a warm Victoria welcome as Tsukino-Con’s first ever Japanese voice actor!


Satsuki Yukino12


2010 – 2016 Guest


LoadingReadyRun are Victoria’s premiere Internet sketch comedy group, mainly because there aren’t any other Internet sketch comedy groups based here. In their 11 year career, they’ve made videos for Penny Arcade, The Escapist, Cards Against Humanity, Wizards of the Coast, and even their own YouTube channel! If you like LRR, Friday Nights, commodoreHustle, Crapshots, Feed Dump or just general weirdness, come to our Q&A!

 Warning – content highly hilarious.

Opposite Cosplay


Opposite-by-Red Envelope1

Opposite-by-Red Envelope2

2015 Guest

Opposite Cosplay, consisting of Nikki and Caity Bair, is a sister cosplaying duo from Vancouver, BC.

They have been cosplaying since Sakura Con 2011 and since their debut they have become quite involved in the Vancouver cosplay community and convention scene. Caity is a performer and voice actor, who has worked on many video game and animation projects. Nikki is a Theatre Production student at UBC, specializing in props and costumes.

Together they make up the ideal duo, with Caity on stage as the front man, and Nikki behind the scenes building the costumes. They believe that cosplay is for fun, and for everyone and they are excited to meet and get to know all the amazing cosplayers at Tsukino Con.

Happy Cosplaying~

Opposite-by-Vancouver Cosplay
Find them on:
Twitter (Caity)

Images courtesy:
Steampunk on Front Page Jasper Photography
Sonic & Tails Meg Super Photography
Ranka Lee (Caity) Red Envelope Photography
Sheryl Nome (Nikki) Red Envelope Photography
Princess Celestia and Princess Luna Vancouver Cosplay


ECS124Opposite Cosplay: How to Make a Onesie (9PM-9:50PM) Onesies are your friends, they are soft and warm. Its like wearing a hug <3 A walk through on how to construct a onesie, with a demonstration on how to make your pattern.


ECS116Intro to Foam: Props and Accessories (11AM-11:50AM) Foam can become anything, let me show you how. Types of foam, where to buy, how to work with it, shape, seal, paint, detail, etc.
ECS116Late Night Pajama Party with Opposite Cosplay (10:30PM-11:50PM) Come in PJ’s, cosplay or not, for a fun night of games.


ECS104Opposite Cosplay: Cosplay Swap Meet (11AM-12:50PM) Basically, you bring anything anime/cosplay/etc to swap, everyone can display their wares on the chairs or tables and can suggest trades to others in the room. Money is not allowed to be used, only trades. Its a fun way for anime fans, who are maybe tight on cash, to trade off the old for something new and interesting. No 18+ material is allowed.
ECS104-Introduction to Lolita (1PM-1:50PM) An introduction to the world of lolita: styles, brands, wear to shop, culture and community.

Tracey Moore

Tracey Moore2015 Guest

Tracey has voiced and directed and cast for animation for over 25 years. Her voice credits include lead voice of Sailor Moon , George Shrinks, Pelswick, Neds Newt, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Redwall , Magic School bus, Hello Kitty, Henrys World, Highlander and many many more as well as voice directed and cast many series and animation movies over for companies such as Gaumont, Nelvana, Cinegroup, Cinar, Fox Family Channel and CBS.
She has taught courses for professionals and in many schools across Canada and the US. She also has served as Music Director on several animation series including the music on the current Strawberry Shortcake World Tour.

Strawberry Shortcake (Strawberry Shortcake)
Care Bears (Share Bear)
My Little Pony (Cheerilee)
Coconut Fred’s Fruit Salad Island! (Fraidy Begonia)
George Shrinks (George Bernard Shrinks)
Sailor Moon (Serena/Sailor Moon)
Super Mario (Princess Toadstool)
My Pet Monster (Princess)

In any realm of the arts imagination creates an entire reality. This presentation will invite participants to get a full and comprehensive view of how the world of animation is defined and explored by the professionals that create it.Characters dynamics variation of forms including anime and a broad but specific scope of what this world is and how to approach it at a deeper and creative level is explored.This is keyhole into the real thing. If you have ever thought of creating your own series, voicing characters, or just want to know get a closer look at the professional birds eye view of how its done – this is a zany and in depth peek from someone who has spent thirty years doing it from voicing to directing to post.

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