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Cosplay Day Victoria 2017

Cosplay Day 2018

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TS6-F-195P9Cosplay and photography go hand in hand. Tsukino-Con sees a lot of cosplay shoots and to help facilitate some of the big public shoots, we are hosting this page.

The hope is that more cosplayers will come to your event and more photographers will get some great images of it. Do be aware these are not officially Tsukino-Con events, but the fact that they take place at the convention site requires that all rules and guidelines be observed.

If you are planning an event for Tsukino-Con, email us and we’ll add it to this page. Please include:




The Shoot Title
Location for people to meet
Time of event
details, what qualifies for the shoot.
FB page, for the group or event.

Official times and location should be what is on the event’s Facebook page (not this page)

Friday, February 12th

Jojo [posing] meetup / Petch Fountain #5/ 4:10pm
Harry Potter: The Photo Gathering / Outside ECS #6 / 5:30PM
Fairy Tail Photoshoot / Petch Fountain #5 / 6pm
Superhero Photoshoot / Petch Fountain #5 / 6:30pm

Saturday, February 13th

Fire Emblem Gathering / Outside ECS #6 then move to a suitable area in Cunningham Woods/ 10am
Undertale Cosplay Shoot / Elliott Building #3 / 11:30am
Pokemon Group Shoot / Petch Fountain #5/ 2pm
Neon Genesis Evangelion Gathering / Petch Fountain #5/ 3pm
League of Legends: In the Jungle / Outside ECS #1 / 4pm
RWBY Photoshoot / Petch Fountain #5 / 4:30pm
Sailor Moon Photoshoot / Petch Fountain #5 / 5pm
Star Wars Shoot / Elliot Breezeway  #4 / 6PM

Sunday, February 14th ♥

Dramatical Murder Photoshoot / Petch Fountain #5/ 11am
Sports Anime Gathering / Petch Fountain #5 / Noon
Love Live Cosplay / Petch Fountain #5 / 3pm

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