***Special Notice***

With the Convention nearing and in light of the overwhelming popularity of anime such as Yuri On Ice, we would like attendees to please note that Skates are prohibited on convention grounds due to Health and Safety Concerns combined with the University of Victoria venue policies (this includes Ice, Roller and Roller Blade Skates). While we encourage creative cosplay, we ask attendees please keep the Convention General Attendance rules in mind while planning outfits. We thank you in advance for your support and cooperation on this matter!

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1. No Weapons: No real weapons are allowed on the convention grounds. Anything in a costume that is weapon-like in appearance must be peacebonded at registration. Please see the Weapons & Prop Policy for more information.
2. Guns: While guns are a part of many Costumes and main symbols of a lot of Anime Characters, the real world frowns on anything that looks like a real weapon. UVic will not allow anything that looks like a real gun. Therefore, we ask that you leave them at home.
If you need a prop gun for a Cosplay Contest or skit, contact the convention staff before attending and we’ll see what we can do.

3. Listen to the con-staff: If a staff member or volunteer tells you something, listen to what they say.

4. Area Restrictions: Non-convention rooms and hallways are out of bounds. There will be exams in session during the convention, please be respectful when passing through these areas.

5. Respect your fellow con-goers: Don’t make others uncomfortable. We want this to be a fun experience for everyone, so respect the people around you. If you are not sure whether or not something is appropriate, it is best to err on the side of caution as this rule is enforced at the discretion of the convention staff.

6. Keep exits and hallways clear: Beyond following the fire code, this allows for greater mobility among attendees and improves the convention experience for everyone.Nox from Tsukino-Con

7. Dress code:  We are a family friendly convention run on Uvic school property, therefore while most bikinis are acceptable, they are considered the most skin that should be showing. Please note, thongs and string bikinis are not permitted. These are general guidelines, at the discretion of Tsukino-Con Staff. If you are unsure whether a costume is appropriate, please ask [email protected].

8. Respect those not attending: This is a University where students will be studying, please respect their space.

9. No Alcohol or Drugs: There is no drinking or drug use allowed at the convention. Attendees found with liquor or drugs, or who are noticeably under the influence, will be banned. Campus Security or the Police will be contacted if deemed appropriate.

10. Two strike policy: Violating Con policy will result in a warning upon which the attendees badge will be marked. A second violation will result in removal and potential banning from the convention. Convention staff reserve the right to remove attendees without warning if their actions are deemed dangerous or highly inappropriate. This is at the discretion of Convention staff and Uvic Security.

11. Smoking: No smoking inside Ring Road. This is a University of Victoria. If you are unsure what areas count as Ring Road, please look at one of the UVic maps provided on the Visitor Info page. All convention buildings are inside the ring.

12. Photography and Video: If you are taking pictures or video, for yourself or others, please read our Media Rules.

a) Permission: Always ask to photograph someone. A cosplayer wants to give you the best photo possible. Taking a picture without warning diminishes their year round hard work and preparation. While you may not want to interrupt a cosplayer, they would rather stop for a good photo than find a bad one online.
b) Timing: Good timing is common sense. Don’t approach a cosplayer while they’re eating lunch, dismantled and resting, in the bathroom, sitting in a panel, etc. Wait till they are ‘on the job’.
c) Rules of Engagement: Look with your eyes not your hands. Many costumes are made with delicate materials and can be accidentally damaged. When taking a picture with a cosplayer, make sure it’s okay to put your arm around them. Remember, cosplay is not consent.
d) Keep it Brief: A cosplayer’s commitment is to the overall fans, not to any one person. Try not to start up a lengthy conversation, unless they are encouraging it. Be mindful of others around you and careful of dominating a cosplayer’s time.
e) Wonder Twins: A lot of cosplayers are open to pairing-up temporarily, if you have a costume of matching theme and skill level. However, don’t take offense if they would rather go solo.
f) Safe Space: Do your part to create a ‘safe space’ for cosplay. If you see inappropriate behavior, report it to a staff member. Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Remember, cons are about celebrating heroes and you can be a hero by looking out for each other.
g) Respect: Cosplayer’s strive to enhance the Convention experience, inspire through their art, and express their fandom. They may come in all shapes and sizes, but they all want and deserve to be treated with respect. Just like any public place, there is a difference between appreciating beauty and making others uncomfortable. Cosplayers are artists and should be treated with respect. Maintaining eye contact is a good habit to form.
h) Listen: If a Convention staff member or Uvic security asks you to to do something, politely respond to the request and follow the instruction.
i) Traffic: High-traffic areas should be avoiding for photography and video purposes. E.g. narrow halls, the outside of registration, panel line ups, vendors hall, etc.

Special thanks to Tony Kim.

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