Swimsuit Showdown 2018 Rules

Hey, Tsukino-Con! Anivents Unlimited returns to Tsukino-Con 2018 to present the Tsukino-Con Swimsuit Showdown! Based on the original Cosplay Swimsuit Contest by Hentai Cupcake Productions, and hosted by Yours Truly, the Swimsuit Showdown puts a unique late-night spin on the traditional Cosplay Contest as contestants will be strutting their stuff on-stage not just in-character, but also in swimsuit versions of their cosplays. If the Cosplay Contest were an Anime, then this would be the ultimate Beach Episode!

The Swimsuit Showdown will consist of three rounds:

  1. Introduction: Contestants will introduce their characters to the audience and to our judges. This will be an in-character event, so you’d better do your homework!
  2. Talent: Contestants will have 5 minutes each to showcase their unique talents. Talents can be anything from singing to feats of athleticism to whatever their creative minds can come up with!
  3. Q&A: The audience will have an opportunity to get to know our contestants’ characters better by asking them whatever’s on their minds, within reason. The number of questions per contestant may be limited depending on the number of contestants and the amount of time available.

There will be two categories in which contestants will have the opportunity to win not just a Large Prize voucher for the Tsukino-Con Prize Room, but also a Gold Pass for Tsukino-Con 2019, valued at $90!

The two categories are as follows:

  • Judges’ Choice: Contestants will have to win the hearts of our esteemed panel of judges, who will be overseeing their performances with the most scrutinous of Swimsuit Showdown judging criteria.
  • Crowd Favourite: This is where you, our audience, get to decide which contestant has won you over throughout our three rounds! Better warm up those lungs of yours, because you will be voting for your favourite by the loudest applause!

Cosplays do NOT have to be strictly swimworthy, so while it may technically be a swimsuit contest, it’s entirely up to your imagination! Have some fun with it! If your character were to hit the beach, or even just wanted to show off some skin, think about what they might want to wear!

The Rules:

  1. Submissions, Deadlines and Check-In
    1. All contestants will submit their entries for the Swimsuit Showdown via the Online Submission Form. This form will be open for submissions on January 1st, 2018 at 12:01AM PST.
    2. Deadline for submissions will be Wednesday, January 31st at 11:59PM PST, and due to limited capacity, submissions will be limited to 12 contestants total (13 if a pair enters at 11). If you want the chance to show us what you’ve got, you had better get your entries in ASAP!
    3. There will NOT be a wait-list for this year’s event. An announcement will be made if the runtime cap is reached.
    4. All contestants MUST be present and checked in by 9:15PM on Sunday, February 11thin Bob Wright Centre B150. Any contestants who are not present and checked in by 9:15PM will have their entries forfeited and will not be permitted to perform in the Showdown.
    5. Because this is an 18+ event, both attendees AND contestants will be required to present valid ID in order to get in, so if you don’t have your ID with you when you get to the door, you will be denied entry, and if you are a contestant, your position will be forfeited, so you had better bring your ID with you!
  2. Modification of Online Submissions and Parking
    1. If you need to modify your entry after it has been submitted (i.e. missing audio files, incorrect information, change to number of people in group, etc.), you may use the “Edit Response” link provided in your Confirmation Email. You DO NOT need to submit a new entry.
    2. “Parking” is when an individual or group knowingly submits an incorrect or incomplete entry for the sole purpose of reserving their position in the Submission Queue.
    3. Contestants suspected of parking may have their initial entries voided without notice at the discretion of the event organizers.
    4. It is the contestant’s responsibility to ensure that all information on the Online Submission Form is correct and complete prior to submission.
    5. We will NOT accept requests for manual modification of entries via email. You MUST modify your entry via the “Edit Response” link provided in your Confirmation Email.
    6. All modifications to entries must be completed by Wednesday, January 31st at 11:59PM PST.
    7. It is the contestant’s responsibility to review and modify their submitted entries for any potential errors as necessary.
    8. All entries will be finalized once the modification deadline has passed.
    9. Contestants may withdraw their entries at any time.
  3. Audio Files
    1. All entries requiring audio files for their stage acts must upload their audio files using the link provided in the Online Submission Form.
    2. Contestants may upload their audio files at the time of form submission, or any time before Wednesday, January 31st at 11:59PM PST using the upload link provided in the Online Submission Form.
    3. Only MP3-format audio files will be accepted.
    4. Links to YouTube/Streaming sites will not be accepted.
    5. In-person audio submissions will not be accepted.
    6. Only the in-house audio equipment may be used for playback of audio files, and may only be operated by the convention’s designated A/V Attendants. This does not include audio-based stage props (i.e. a boombox or electronic instrument used as part of a stage act.) Connecting any other devices to the in-house audio equipment (i.e. cellphones, iPods, etc.) is not permitted.
    7. Any modification or editing of any audio files is the sole responsibility of the contestant and must be completed prior to submission. We will not be able to edit or rip an audio file for you.
    8. A “Cue Notes” field will be provided in the Online Submission Form below the “Link to Audio File” field should you require the audio to begin during a specific time or point during your Talent Portion, and/or a specific time marker within the file itself.
  4. Props
    1. All props used or displayed during the Swimsuit Showdown must comply with Tsukino-Con’s Weapons & Props Policy.
    2. No live flames/liquids/aerosols/substances that may cause harm to people and/or equipment in the venue, or trigger an evacuation of the building, will be permitted.
    3. You may keep a water bottle on-stage with you by your seat if you wish to drink from it, but it cannot be used as a prop during your Talent Portion.
    4. Food products will not be permitted as props this year due to the carpeted flooring on-stage.
    5. Additional assistants are permitted during the Talent Portion.
    6. The host is always fair game.
  5. Language and Content
    1. No nudity.
      1. Bare pectorals are permitted whereas bare breasts are not.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules may lead to immediate termination of your Talent Portion, disqualification from the Swimsuit Showdown, and potentially being stripped of your badge and banned from convention grounds, depending on the severity of the infraction.

The contents of this page are subject to change without notice. Please check back periodically in order to ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information.

Submissions for the Tsukino-Con 2018 Swimsuit Showdown are now closed.

For those of you who are 18+, we hope to see you there!

For further information, please contact [email protected]

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