Kylian The Hylian

Photos by: Infinite Colour Photos

Kai has been building cosplay and props since 2003 and been costume competitive since 2014, having first won an award in 2004 at Kei Kon (predecessor of Tsukino-Con) for Best Solo Skit as Inuyasha. Kai’s most notable award was for a Sheik cosplay at Sakura Con in 2016.

As a full time mechanical engineering student at Camosun College, Kai has a passion for building. “I have come to discover that much of what I have done in prop building for cosplays has serendipitously prepared me for my courses. With mechanical engineering knowledge brought to the prop field, I will attempt to create props the likes of which have never been seen before!!! Maybe. Well I’ll try anyway. As with most of you at this con, I’m a pretty huge nerd… Sci-fi, gaming, anime, all that fun stuff. The first anime I ever watched was Samurai Pizza Cats. Go watch it, it’s good. You’ll like it, I promise.

Hope to see you at my panels!”

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