Eating is important to keep your energy up, even more-so when you’re running around at a Convention! Remember to stay hydrated and fuel-up with food regularly. The con itself has two concessions available. (More info coming soon!)

The University has two light fare locations open during the weekend, neither take credit cards.

— The Mystic Market accepts cash and Canadian Debit cards, and is located in the University Centre, behind and to the left of Clearihue.

Friday  8am-3pm
Saturday  9am-3pm
Sunday  9am-3pm

BiblioCafe is in the McPherson Library, between Clearihue and Elliott, and across from the centre court fountain. They accept cash and Canadian Debit cards.

Friday  8am-4pm
Saturday  10am-4pm
Sunday  10am-4pm

Felicita’s Campus Pub, is a student run restaurant located in the Student Union Building. It is open late two of the three Convention days and offers burgers, daily features and general pub fare.  ***Remember intoxication is not permitted at the convention and may result in removal from the premises.

Friday  1130am-1am
Saturday  4pm-Midnight
Sunday  Closed



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