Cosplay Day Victoria 2017

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10:00 Day starts
10:00 Select // Start improv for cosplay ECS125
10:30 Social Media for Cosplayers ECS124
11:00 Cunning Closefisted Costume Crafting; Captivating Cosplay Components on the Cheap ECS116
12:00 How to make a Sailor Fuku ECS124
12:30 Video Game Music ECS116
1:30 Cosplay Contest Prejudging/Sign-up in Theatre ECS125
3:00 Cosplay Contest
4:00-4:30 End of day

Costume Contest

Registration for the contest will begin at 1:30pm in ECS 125 (Theatre).

During the pre-judging portion of the event, judges will inspect each costume, inquire as to how they were designed and created, and answer questions contestants may have about the contest.

Costumes from all genres (video game, comic book, anime, movies, television, etc.) are acceptable. Mashups and original designs are also permitted. The majority of your costume must be homemade, or commissioned, although modified items are acceptable.

Contestants are encouraged to bring reference photos of the character they are portraying, on their cell or a tablet. The judges may not know the character in question, and this will help their ability to gauge the effectiveness of the costume.

Pre-judging will occur in ECS 125 (Theatre) Saturday July 22, 2017 at 1:30PM. All contestants must arrive by 1:30 PM  to register and check-in, although contestants will not be required to stay in the room for the full pre-judging period.

Contestants will be divided into 4 different categories during pre-judging. Contestants will be asked which category they prefer during pre-judging, although judges retain the right to bump a contestant into a higher category if they feel a costume deserves to be recognized at a higher skill level.


Junior Cosplayers:
12 years of age and under (may be accompanied by an Adult on stage).

Novice Cosplayers:
13 years of age and over who do not qualify as Advanced.

Advanced Cosplayers:
Anyone who has won two or more costume contest awards.

Group Cosplayers:
Two or more people.

Judging Criteria:

Percentage of the costume that is handmade
Attention to detail
Overall appearance
Likeness to the character
Maneuverability / functionality
Stage presence & performance


All Tsukino-Con Weapons and Props rules are in effect. See

All actual weapons and items that could be considered dangerous are prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, anything illegal, anything against the University of Victoria Policies, any real weapons, functional or not. Firearms, including anything resembling a real world model firearm, regardless of colour, orange tip, material, etc. BB, Pellet, Paintball and Airsoft guns, any type of exploding device regardless of the method used for detonation, including air & CO2, Metal bladed weapons, including swords, knives, Glass, Ceramics, Stone, Skates; Roller Blades, Roller Skates, Ice Skates, Yaoi/Yuri, Seme, Uke, and/or any other fandom type paddle designed or intended to be used on another person. Anything currently capable of firing or releasing one or more projectiles, Any live ammunition, including bullets & tipped arrows

Items resembling futuristic weapons, fantasy weapons, and non-projectile boffer weapons may be allowed provided they are not handled in a careless, threatening, or destructive manner against persons or property. Please check with staff if you are unsure about your prop.
Costumes, introductions, and actions on stage must be in good taste. No nudity, offensive language or unruly behavior is permitted. This is a family-friendly event!

While on stage, jumping, flipping, running, throwing items into the audience or any movements that could compromise the safety of any contestants or spectators is prohibited. Any of these actions will result in automatic disqualification from the contest.

The use of fire, glitter, liquids, or any other objects that will cause a mess are prohibited. Leaving any portion of a costume on stage will result in automatic disqualification from the contest.


There will be no microphone available. Any and all music and/or skit audio must be pre-cut, pre-recorded and turned in (in MP3 format) on a USB Flash Drive at sign-up. Bringing back-ups is strongly encouraged to ensure you have working audio.
Sound for your entry is not required but is highly recommended. You should plan to record any dialog for your entry.

There will NOT be audio editing software/machine on site. Please have all audio prepared ahead of time.

For pre-recorded sound, we highly recommend you work very hard on getting quality audio. Record multiple times, if necessary. Every individual should be the same level of volume. You can easily make even bad audio sound great by importing your sound into Audacity and running the compression effect. You will have to play with the settings and do it five or six times until you understand what it does, but it may help. We CANNOT answer questions about how to make your audio sound better, this is just a tip. Consider finding a friend with experience in audio.We will only accept submissions in MP3 format on a flash drive. Not accepted: cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc. Bring your laptop or other backups of your audio files.

The pre-recorded music/dialogue submitted to the contest staff must be 3 minutes and 00 seconds or less. There will be no exceptions to the “3 Minute” rule, unless you request permission prior to the convention and it is for a group or a very good reason. Any entry over the 3:00 mark will be stopped at that point.

All audio must be turned into the tech department at 1:30 – 2pm during pre-judging.



All Rules are subject to change and may be posted in advance or at the contest itself.


Your judges this year will be:

Sue McCaskill — Athanasia Designs
Skookum PropsChris Gensey — Skookum Props and Armour
Batarang KissesSidney Merrick — Batarang Kisses Cosplay

We ask that all contestants display good sportsmanship to each other and the judges.

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