Video Room

Videos will run in ECS 130.


Sponsored by our friends at Crunchyroll

Asterisk War 1-4 (5PM-6:36PM)
Anti-Magic Academy 1-4 (6:40PM-8:16PM)
The Perfect Insider 1-4 (8:20PM-9:56PM)
Haikyu S2 1-4 (10:00PM-11:36PM)


Comet Lucifer 1-4 (11AM-12:36PM)
Beautiful Bones 1-4 (12:40PM-2:16PM)
Young Black Jack 1-4 (2:20PM-3:56PM)
Rokka 1-4 (4:00PM-5:36PM)
Utawarerumono 1-4 (5:40PM-7:16PM)
Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans 1-4 (7:20PM-8:56PM)
God Eater 1-4 (9:00PM-10:36PM)


Owarimonogatari 1-4 (11:00AM-12:36PM)
Utawarerumono 1-4 (12:40PM-2:16PM)
Rokka 1-4 (2:20PM-3:56PM)
Perfect Insider 1-4 (4:00PM-5:36PM)


AMV Rules

The AMV Showcase is one of Tsukino-Con’s largest events, airing for approximately three hours at the con. The event is a showcase of videos submitted directly by creators both local and abroad.

This year’s AMV Showcase director is Greg Olaussen. The deadline for submissions will be Saturday, February  7th, 2016, at 12AM Midnight.

There are five categories the videos are sorted into:

  1. General
  2. Action
  3. Dance
  4. Drama
  5. Comedy

film-reel-smVideo Guidelines

Before you submit a video to the Tsukino-Con AMV Showcase please make sure it complies with our video requirements:

  • Please keep all videos PG-13. Any songs with excessive swearing or anime footage with explicit nudity/violence/inappropriate themes will not be accepted.
  • Videos must be between 1:30 and 5 minutes in length.
  • While credits/dedications/creator intros are acceptable, please keep these to a maximum of 10 seconds total.
  • Videos must be a minimum of 80% anime or gaming footage.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO SUBTITLES (unless they’re added for effect).
  • Videos must be in a common video format, please check prior to submitting that your video plays correctly in VLC media player and Media Player Classic.


So you’d like to submit a video to Tsukino-Con’s AMV Showcase? FANTASTIC! You’re already our new best friend. To keep things simple:

Send all submissions to: [email protected]

All videos must be submitted by the original creator. We will not accept videos that were not sent by their original creators. Submitting someone else’s work as your own is plagiarism. We take plagiarism as seriously as the University of Victoria, with those caught being barred from future competitions.

You may submit a maximum of 3 videos. However, only one video will be submitted per category.

When submitting your video please send us the following:

  • the anime used in the video – if multiple sources are to be used, list various
  • the name of the song used in the video – if multiple sources are to be used, list various
  • the name of the artist of the song used – if multiple sources are to be used, list various
  • the name you want to go by as creator of the video and an email which you check regularly that we may contact you at
  • the category you feel your video falls into (this is ultimately up to our discretion and we will change this if we need to balance out other categories)
  • where you are from


Say I made a sweet video using footage from the movie 5cm per second I wanted to submit. I would send:

Anime: 5cm per second

Song: Timeless

Artist: Kate Havnevik

Creator: chaos.cubix ([email protected])

Category: Drama

From: Victoria, B.C

Dropbox_logoAs video files are too big to send via regular email, you will need to submit your video via some sort of file sharing program. Our recommendation is Dropbox, but Windows Skydrive, Sendspace and Mediafire work as well. Please include the link to your video in the email you send us containing your submission information. We will NOT rip videos from YouTube links. (Have you ever tried ripping from Youtube? It’s horrible and the video quality dreadful).

Once we’ve received your video, we will send you confirmation that we have received it. If you do not receive confirmation within one week of submitting you video, please email us again.

If we (the directors) feel that a video belongs in a different category than was submitted, we will email the creator to inform them of this change.

ballotAudience Participation

Ballots will be made available upon entry to the Showcase. To pick Tsukino-Con’s favorite videos, you may vote for one video per category. As well, there will be space provided on your ballot to select your favorite video from the entire event. Even if you do not watch the entire showcase, please complete the ballot for the portion you did watch. Spoiled ballots will be counted, but only for the categories which were completed. Multiple votes in a single category will be rejected. If you want your opinion to count, don’t spoil your ballot!

Ballots can be submitted to the “AMV Ballot Box” after the showcase has finished airing. Ballots will be counted by the event directors and Tsukino-Con Staff. Results are presented at the “AMV Smackdown” – quite possibly the best event in the entire convention– which happens right before closing ceremonies on the Sunday of Con.

During the event NO PHOTOGRAPHY OR VIDEO RECORDING will be allowed. Con-goers caught recording may be asked to leave. (As most videos can be found online, there is no need to record during the event. It’s distracting to the poor people sitting behind you!)



Greetings Trainers!

Welcome to the Tsukino Con Pokeleague! This year we’ll be repeating the super league from last year, so Trainers can come and play games for fun and win prizes, including a copy of Pokemon Ω Ruby or α Sapphire! Fun games can be played on any system and the Pokemon League will even have a loaner 3DS and loaner decks for players to game with! This year, we’re also promoting the Victoria competitive scene, and will be hosting two tournaments; one for the Video Game and one for the Trading Card Game!

University of Victoria Pokemon Club
University of Victoria Pokemon Club

For the Video Game Tournament:

Only Pokemon Ω Ruby or α Sapphire cartridges may be used. The rules are the same as the official Pokemon Video Game Championships (VGC). For a full list of the rules, check this link: (text = “Pokemon VGC 2016 Ruleset.”)

Basically, double battles where trainers bring 6 Pokemon and choose 4 to enter each battle. No two Pokemon may hold the same item or share a Pokedex number on a team. In VGC 2016, teams may use up to two restricted Legendary Pokemon. The following are restricted legendary Pokemon:

Mewtwo, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Xerneas, Yveltal, and Zygarde.

Additionally, trainers may not use any of the following Pokemon:

Mew, Celebi, Jirachi, Deoxys, Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Meloetta, Genesect, Diancie, and Hoopa.

Date: February 13th 2016

Time: Registration from 12pm-1pm, tournament starts at 1:10pm

Entry fee: $5 for Masters division players only (Juniors and Seniors play free!)

– Masters division players are born in the year 2000 or earlier

Prizes: On top of Pokemon merchandise, top competitors will earn an invitation to the BC invitational to compete for travel awards. Last year, we awarded $400 in travel awards!

For the Trading Card Game Tournament:

Players must use a legal 60-card deck containing only cards released since the Black and White expansion (BW-on). For the full expansion list, please see the following link: (text = “Pokemon TCG Expansions.”)

Also please note that the Supporter card “Lysandre’s Trump Card” is banned from play.

Date: February 14th 2016

Time: Registration from 11am-12pm, tournament starts at 12:10pm

Entry fee: FREE

Prizes: Pokemon merchandise, including a trophy card for the Top 4 competitors in each age division!

We’re looking forward to your participation!


Mark and Ben

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