Mimi Reaves

Mimi Reaves as daenerys targaryenMimi Reaves is a professional seamstress and an experienced cosplayer. She has always loved to play dress up, so it was only natural she fell in love with cosplay in 2007, debuting her take on Gaz from Invader Zim. Since then she has created numerous costumes such as Babydoll from Sucker Punch, Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, several Disney princesses, and one of her personal favorites, Violet Baudelaire from A Series of Unfortunate Events. Mimi has completed two years of costuming education at Capilano University and is currently sewing for film and television. She is passionate about bringing her favorite characters to life and inspiring others.

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Cosplay Repair Station

Cosplay Repair Station GroupBack for our second year at Tsukino-Con, we are the Cosplay Repair Station—a Washington State based costume repair group who love to make the cosplay community just a little better for everyone. We know how stressful it is to have a cosplay malfunction or something break at the wrong time during a con, so we are here to help! We travel to the Pacific Northwest and nearby Canadian cons year round with our trained volunteer staff to help with sewing, wig, prop, glue, and general cosplay repairs! From helping with ripped seams to knotted Miku wigs to broken Mercy halos, we’re there to help. We also enjoy hosting panels on cosplaying and costuming techniques—keep an eye out for panels by our staff.

Our goal is to not only make repairs accessible (and free!) at conventions, but also educate and create a space where everyone is having a great time cosplaying! If you need a quick repair or need some advice, swing by the Cosplay Repair Station, and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for the latest updates as well as plenty of tips and tricks! We hope to help make your con experience even better!

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Austin Tindle at Tsukino Con

Austin Tindle

Austin Tindle at Tsukino Con

Austin Tindle is a writer and actor living in Dallas, Texas. He was born in Orlando, Florida, raised in Austin, Texas and attended UTD on academic scholarship, where he almost became an Electrical Engineer. At 19 he was cast as Romeo and changed majors the same day. Maybe you’ve seen him on stage around Dallas at Kitchendog Theatre, WaterTower Theatre, Theatre Three, Stage West, Shakespeare Dallas, Project X, Second Thought Theatre, Nouveau 47, Upstart Theatre, and many others.

He’s probably most well-known for his work with Funimation Studios, where he has voiced many characters including Ayumu Aikawa in “Is this a Zombie?”, Accelerator in “A Certain Magical Index”, Shu Ouma in “Guilty Crown”, Marco Bodt in “Attack on Titan”, Karma in “Assassination Classroom”, and Kaneki in “Tokyo Ghoul”. And Austin has been a proud member of the Couchsurfing community since 2011. He just really loves couches.

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Christine Cabanos

Christine is a voice over actress based out of Los Angeles, California. She is most known for her roles in animation and video games. Some of her most notable roles include Azusa Nakano of K-On!, Madoka Kaname in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Shiemi Moriyama in Blue Exorcist, Silica in Sword Art Online, Mako Mankanshoku in KILL la KILL, Sailor Saturn in Sailor Moon, Hiromi in Erased, Sonoko in Yuki Yuna is a Hero, Yukiho Kosoka in Love Live!, Haruka in Oblivion Island, the titular character of Squid Girl in Squid Girl, Ivan Whisky in Cyborg 009 VS Devilman, General Pisti in Magi, Ruka Asato in Accel World, Yumemitchi in Tamagotchi Friends, Reina and Mew in Pokemon Origins, Minori Kushieda in Toradora!, Filia in Skullgirls, Marie Rose in Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate, Symonne in Tales of Zestiria, Chiaki Nanami in Danganronpa 2, Nepgear in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, Usalia in Disgaea 5, Sophie Neuenmuller in Atelier Sophie, Lisette in Stella Glow, Keina Sawaya in Atelier Meruru, and roles in video games such as Xenoblade Chronicles, Time and Eternity, Mugen Souls Z, Fairy Fencer F, Ragnarok Online 2 and more!


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Vikes Improv

Vikes Improv is an improvisational comedy performance group based out of the University of Victoria. Vikes consists of students from all departments and all years, including graduate students! There are currently 3 performance teams, 2 of which are coached, and one self-directed team.

Not Rocket Science: NRS is Vikes self-directed team. They’ve been together as an official team since September but have been improvising together for a couple years in some way or another. They enjoy playing grounded characters with a flare for the dramatic.

Competitive Christmas Lights: Competitive Christmas Lights is a brand new improv comedy troupe performing together since September 2016. They are comprised of six students all in different departments: writing, computer science, geography, theatre, anthropology, and English . This eclectic mix of background makes their improv fun and diverse, a true reflection of the UVic spirit.

The Pendleton Collective: If you know a congregation who only speak in emojis and measured love in laughs, you know the Pendleton Collective. Established in 2016 this fresh Vikes Improv team made strides in the art, from short form games to long form scenes. The Pendletons' are a dynamic combination of veteran and new improvisers alike.

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Toru Furuya

Tsukino-Con is excited to announce Toru Furuya as featured Japanese voice acting guest.

Celebrating fifty years in the anime industry since his starring role in 1966’s Pirate Prince, Toru Furuya has been an immense and iconic presence for decades. The singular voice for Amuro Ray since the 1979 original Mobile Suit Gundam, Furuya has also played Yamcha through Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super; Pegasus Seiya in the Saint Seiya franchise; and Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask in Sailor Moon until 2014.

In addition, he starred in the immensely influential Kimagure Orange Road as Kyousuke Kasuga, in the multi-award winning Paprika as Tokita Kosaku, and in Star of the Giants as Hyuuma Hoshi. As well as featuring in anime, Furuya worked as Aka Red in the Tokusatsu series Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and is the assigned dubbing voice for Hong Kong actor Yuen Biao.

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Cassandra Lee Morris

Cassandra Lee MorrisWith a voice that can be heard in both English and Japanese media, Cassandra Lee Morris has appeared in a number of prominent roles over the past decade. She is best known for her dubbing roles as Ritsu Tanaka in K-On!, Leafa in Sword Art Online, Taiga Aisaka in Toradora and Kyubey in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Morris also has done work on a number of video games, including Nami in League of Legends, Leifang in Dead or Alive 5, and Aoi Asahina in Danganronpa.

Currently employed as the English voice of Lola in the ongoing French series Angelo Rules, Morris can most recently be heard as Ernesta Kuhne in The Asterisk War, and is set to be the voice of Morgana in the upcoming Atlus release Persona 5.

Cassandra is also an award-winning audiobook narrator. She has lent her voice to over 200 books by authors such as James Patterson, R.L. Stine, Sara Shepard, Pseudonymous Bosch and Jerry Spinelli. She was named a “genre-defining voice” for kids’ fiction by Audible.com, and usually voices young adult and middle grade novels as well as children’s books.


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Karameru has been in the Toronto cosplay community since 2010, cosplaying well-loved characters from the Fate series as well as many others from various games and anime series. Known to be friendly and “loves-to- selfie-with- everyone” at cons, her favourite cosplay characters are cool, strong and independent. A 3D Artist by day, she enjoys doing cosplay photography in her spare time.

This will be her first time at Tsukino con and first time visiting Victoria, BC!


You can follow Karameru on:

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Fighting Dreamers Productions

Fighting Dreamers Production (FDP) is a cosplay group from Vancouver, British Columbia. For the past 9 years they have been cosplaying a wide range of genres
including anime, manga, video games, comics, film, and cartoons.

Fighting Dreamers Productions are known for their cosplay work on deviantART along with their group’s YouTube channel, which has over 150,000 subscribers and provides viewers with series shows, cosplay skits, CMV’s, convention happenings, and tutorials. FDP is a non-profit group and has organized a number of charity events through their cosplay work such as “Pray for Japan” helping earthquake and tsunami victims and “Aang for a Cure” which benefited cancer patients. As cosplayers, FDP emphasizes inclusivity and promotes accessibility of cosplay through panels and performances at conventions across North America, the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Australia. FDP is honoured to be returning to the Island for Tsukino-Con this year!

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Cosplay Guest Valdrein


Cosplay Guest Nova


Cosplay Guest Twin Fools

Twin Fools


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2013 – 2017 Guest

Tsukino-Con announces return of internet personality Takahata101.

Co-Founder of Team Four Star, Curtis Arnott, known as Takahata101, has been a staple member of the ‘Abridged’ community since 2008. Voicing Nappa, Bardock and Cell in DragonBall Z Abridged, he has taken a more direct hand in subsequent series, acting not only as voice but as creator, writer and director for Attack on Titan Abridged, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged, and Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged.

In addition to his leading role on these projects, Arnott has maintained a presence in smaller abridged series, aiding both in production and in voice work, and has been featured in a number of video games as well, most recently alongside other Team Four Star members in the upcoming Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth.

This will mark Arnott’s fifth year as a Tsukino-Con guest.

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